Find out how magnetic resonance imaging creates highly detailed pictures of the breast.

Breast MRI

What It Is
Breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a non-radiation test that combines a powerful magnetic field, contrast dye, and a computer to create a detailed image of the breast. It’s often done alongside mammogram and ultrasound, and can be used to look at dense tissue, scar tissue or any abnormalities. It can also be used as a screening exam for women who are at a higher risk for developing breast cancer or to asses if a breast implant has ruptured.

Who It’s For
The American Cancer society recommends breast MRI be used as an added screening tool for women who are at an increased risk due to a strong family history of breast cancer or a diagnosis of a specific gene mutation. A genetic counselor can be helpful in determining if the test is appropriate. Breast MRI can also be used as a diagnostic exam following an abnormal mammogram and ultrasound or to diagnose hard-to-asses irregularities.

What To Expect
During a breast MRI you will have to lay flat on your stomach for about 1 hour. The breasts will be positioned in a specific breast coil called an image receptor and images are typically acquired pre- and post-contrast injection for comparison purposes. Unlike our other services, this exam is done at another Imaging Partner office.