Breast health knowledge is power.

At Women’s Imaging Center, patient education is a top priority. We’re committed to making sure women have access to the most up-to-date information about breast health. By providing superior imaging and education, our patients are empowered to make the most informed decisions about their health and wellness.

breast self-exam overview and worksheet

Take an active role in your breast health with regular self-exams. You’ll get to know your body better by becoming aware of how your breasts normally look and feel. And knowing what’s normal for your body can help you spot any changes, which you can talk about with your doctor.

breast density categories

Identifying your breast density is an important part of breast health. Having dense breast tissue is completely normal, in fact half of all women do. But since dense tissue and problematic tissue can appear the same on a mammogram, it’s a good idea to determine the density of your breasts and share that information with your doctor.

frequently asked questions

Check out some of our patients’ most common questions and answers from our healthcare providers. Or ask a question of your own and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. From general wellness to specific types of exams and procedures, we have all of your breast health questions covered.